What outdoor activities are famous in boracay?

Boracay is also the best water sports park. From helmet diving in Boracay, cliff diving, island hopping in the Philippines to paragliding, you're sure to find a good dose of adrenaline here.

Boracay is also the best water sports park. From helmet diving in Boracay, cliff diving, island hopping in the Philippines to paragliding, you're sure to find a good dose of adrenaline here. Have you ever tried scuba diving? In Boracay, you can choose between 10 and 15 different dive sites, depending on the high or low tide. Move away from the coast and find yourself amidst Boracay's thriving marine life, with corals, underwater tunnels and secret coves, to name a few.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Visayas, 350 kilometers south of Manila, is the paradisiacal island of Boracay. This island is a picturesque getaway for newlyweds, a bucket list destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts, and a dream come true for everyone in between. You will see that there are 3 boards from which you can dive, ranging from 3 meters to 15 meters. Start with a simple pencil dive or you could end up making a loud slapping sound when you reach the water.

Boracay's main beach is called Playa Blanca. The sand is soft as dust, the water is crystal blue and the coconuts are cold. Even if you don't intend to surf, Bulabog Beach is only 1 km from White Beach, an easy walk if you're curious to see how some kitesurfers tear it to shreds. Have you heard of zorbing? This is how it works.

There is a huge plastic ball sitting on the top of a very steep hill. Meanwhile, at the foot of the hill, your friends are waiting to be run over by the huge rolling zorb. You can participate in this fun activity at Zipline Boracay, where you can come for the zorb or do a zip line package. Join a full-day 6-hour island-to-island tour on a classic catamaran equipped with a professional captain and attentive staff.

From any White Beach armchair or stool, you can contemplate the water and see the umbrellas that catapult travelers and tourists into the sky, while the large parachute is placed behind a speedboat that veers. Not only is it exciting to be so high in the air while traveling at relatively high speeds, but you can also enjoy a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the island. Craft stores and clothing stores line the road between White Beach and Bulabog Beach. This bizarre outdoor space, often referred to as “D Mall”, offers souvenirs such as paintings, jewelry and the ever-popular Boracay fridge magnet.

There are also suitable stores here, where you can buy new flip flops, swimsuits and clothes to wear on the beach. There are also stores that sell beach and water accessories, such as floating rafts and buckets for sandcastles. Visit the island from April to June and you'll experience some of the best dive spots of your life. During this time, the water is warm and the visibility ranges from 30 to 50 m.

With a tropical coral reef that is home to more biodiversity than anywhere else in the world, a spectacle awaits. You can expect to see sharks, tuna, rays and tons of colorful fish. Boracay Adventures Company offers a glimpse of Boracay's wildlife on its 2-hour tour of the island. You'll spend this time exploring hard-to-reach areas of the island that you wouldn't have otherwise accessed on foot.

You'll visit the highest mountain on the island, which offers incredible views clear enough to see the outline and shape of the island you're on. The special touches that make Boracay so unique are natural markers worthy of a map, such as Willy's Rock. From White Beach Station 1, you should be able to look to the right and see a large volcanic rock not far from the coast with humans climbing everywhere. The Fly Fish is a large inflatable raft that flies when a speedboat drags it at high speed.

At medium speed, you'll start making unpredictable movements as the front of the raft lifts up. It's a lot of fun to try to hold on while it spins and, from time to time, it goes up in the air. Parasailing is one of Boracay's most popular outdoor activities, and it's understandable, due to the adrenaline rush and the views it offers from above. This exciting recreational activity can be accessed on the island by joining a Boracay banana activity.

If you need a break from the great outdoors but still want to surround yourself with the majesty of the sea, check out the Boracay Oceanarium, located at the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. This water sports activity in Boracay requires a lot of strength, but you're also guaranteed to have a lot of fun. One of the most recommended activities in Boracay is to dive in and see its colorful marine life. There are plenty of additional activities to choose from, such as river tubing, exploring waterfalls, mountain biking, and more.

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